Meet Our Honors Scholars

  • Tiffany Bassett
    Tiffany Bassett
  • Caitlyn Camp
    Caitlyn Camp
  • Tiffany Gaines
    Tiffany Gaines
  • Timothy Schmidt
    Timothy Schmidt
  • Jordan Sims
    Jordan Sims
  • Rachel Zogaib
    Rachel Zogaib
Why Choose the Honors Program?

To Challenge Yourself

Since 1984, we have provided outstanding, intellectually committed undergraduate students with a rewarding, academically challenging learning experience. Those who are accepted into the program are expected to work hard and are rewarded with opportunities for scholarships, research, high academic achievement, and bright futures.

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To Prepare for Your Future

We prepare students for Fulbright, Marshall, and Rhodes scholarships (among others), entry into top-notch professional and graduate schools, and successful careers.

New York Times Article: A Prudent College Path

Honors Program Scholars Activities

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The Third Expedition

The Queen City Secret - The Years Prior

To Receive Honors Benefits

As an honors student, you'll engage in special seminars, receive individual attention from dedicated, highly qualified faculty members, earn scholarships, and access our exclusive residence hall and lounge.

To Join a Scholarly Community

Each year we enroll about 200 students. Every year 55-60 new honors students join a supportive community and form friendships that last long beyond graduation.

Are you ready for the challenge? Find out! Contact us to learn more.


Muriel A. Howard Honors Program

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